As a co-author of Transforming ADHD, I have crossed into the world of authorship and blogging.  My hope is that others find this site of use.  In it, I share research-proven, ADHD-brain-friendly strategies and skills as well as the latest and greatest clinical understanding of, and research on, ADHD.

By workday, I am a mental health therapist, a part-time researcher, and a forensic interviewer.  During my alone time, I write.  As of May 2018, I can say I will be the author of a children’s book…after only eight years of writing them.  Publication scheduled for 2019.

I value close connection, compassion, kindness, reducing suffering, adventure, courage and playfulness.  I want to live, and to help others to live, a rich, full and meaningful life.

If I seem to stray from my values on this blog, feel free to call me on it.  With kindness.



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