In Egypt, a TV series portrays ADHD

And the blog on it references my co-author, Greg Crosby, as well as our book. My first and last names are misspelled but, hey, it’s a film and media post so it’s still exciting for me. Anyway, I’m now really curious about how the show portrays ADHD. If you are, too, read on:

Here’s the link to where you can find it:

In English, the title of the show is Care of my Zizi (there are English subtitles). In Arabic, it’s Khalli Balak Min Zizi. If you check it out, would love to know your thoughts.

“It’s like a room full of puppies and candies.”

ADHD infoChildren often say it best.

My child said this as he heard me speaking about ADHD.

I asked him what he meant, and he said it’s what a room seems like to him.  I asked him what an empty room seems like, and he described how he will notice the shapes, curves, and corners of the walls; bumps on the ceiling; light seeping under the door; and the texture of the floor, adding that carpet’s like a maze of threads.  He concluded, “Even an empty room is filled with so much.  It’s insane.”


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