Recent Resources for ADHD

Understanding ADHD

Brief, fun video on what it is that accurately reflects the latest and greatest understanding.

Getting what you want when you have it

Effective interventions and therapies This gets you to the blog of the American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders, which was partly formed to spread the word about evidence-based practices.

Practices Christine Carter, who’s connected to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, offers a free ebook on ways to play the short game to win the long game. Go back and click on Practices to get to her site and the ebook link.

Coaches We still need good research on ADHD coaches, but what research we now have suggests high satisfaction from those who use them. Thing is, they can cost many quite a bit. A coach through Edge, for example, costs $400 for an initial session and then $125/week (if interested, go back and click on Coaches).

More Click on More for two resources that I previously posted. They remain awesome.

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  1. What about finding a therapist who specializes in ADHD and working with them? Is there any research on effective therapies that insurance covers? It seems like that could maybe be an affordable alternative for some folks bc it could focus on addressing ADHD symptoms through learning new skills and behaviors. I’m trying to figure out some good options to supplement my ADHD medication.


    1. Great question. ADHD is one of my specialty areas as a therapist, and I said nothing about therapy. A resource on effective interventions and therapies is When I have a chance (this weekend, I hope), I’ll add it to the post. When trying to find a therapist for ADHD, one thing to consider is groups over one-on-one work, given the research favoring groups (CBT ones, specifically), and the degree to which your therapist really, truly gets ADHD. Insurance, from what I have seen, covers both group and individual therapy. I have yet to see coverage for neurofeedback, despite the latest research.


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